A Fresh Start

Today, I decided it was time to revisit this website. It has been since the end of 2016 that I have posted something here, and because I’m finally done with getting my Professional Bachelor degree, I decided to pick up my hobbies again. One of those, is sharing what I do through this website. Well, that’s what I had planned for it, but the only thing I ever did with it, was posting a photo-collection on it, one photo on each day in 2016.

When you are looking at this blog in English, you probably won’t find those posts on it (at the moment), because I posted them on the Dutch version of the blog. This is, because the first things I did when I revisited this website, was installing a multi-language-plugin. While I prefer to write in English, I know that a few of my friends have trouble with it. Well, my English isn’t perfect either, but I still prefer to use English on the Internet.

If you want to see those older posts, you need to switch the site to Dutch (Nederlands), for now. I probably will translate those posts to English, eventually, but for now; I’m going to concentrate on new content.

While this is a fresh start, I’m not going to post every day, for the near future. I first need to figure out what I want to share with you guys on this blog. I am planning to be more active from next year on, but for now; I will use this blog to keep you updated on little stuff that is going on in my world.

And, of course, I wouldn’t mind hearing from you guys. So, don’t be shy and create an account on my blog. I know, my privacy page, and stuff like that, aren’t up-to-date yet, but I guarantee that I don’t share any information with anyone else. And as my friend, you know I’m a man of my word!

So, keep an eye on this little place in the world, and maybe we can have some fun here. I’m sure eager to hear something from you guys, even if it’s only a ‘Hi’.